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For decades Lafayette's Title Examiners have reviewed hundreds of Tidelands issues. Further, we are authorized by the State of New Jersey to teach a real estate CE (continuing education) course on the subject of Tidelands. With 17 of 21 counties in New Jersey subject to Tidelands claims, it is imperative to have a property being bought or sold in New Jersey checked for Tidelands issues, even if that property is not a waterfront property. Equally important is to work with a title insurance company experienced with Tidelands claims. If an issue is found, the Tidelands experts at Lafayette Title can work with you to provide options and solutions to move forward. 

Latest News and Information

Real Estate
February 11, 2018

Stock Market Plunge: Is Real Estate Safe?

Is the stock market crashing? The short answer: no—the Dow is just a little bumpy right now. The recent Wall Street frenzy had people from all over the world fearing that a U.S. real estate bubble might be the culprit after the stock market suddenly took a nearly 1,600-point (4.6 percent) plunge. According to CNN Money, it was the biggest point decline in history during a trading day.

However, experts say there's no reason to worry. While homeownership rates and home prices are currently at an all-time high, they are not to blame for the market's volatility.

"The types of corrections we are seeing this week in the U.S. stock markets are not expected to negatively impact the housing market unless the current volatility causes the market to significantly fall below normal levels," says Joseph Kirchner, senior economist for®. "Despite [the] correction, the market is still 15 percent above a year ago and economic fundamentals remain strong."

Real Estate
January 31, 2018

New Jersey Housing Advisory Committee Issues Recommendations To Governor Phil Murphy

A recently released report outlines several key priorities to improve New Jersey's housing sector and the worst-in-the-nation foreclosure problem. The fifteen page report proposes, among other things, reinstating the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Housing and Statewide Commission, expanding Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credits, reducing barriers to creating housing, legal assistance for individuals facing eviction or foreclosure and utilizing foreclosed homes for affordable rental and home ownership.

A full copy of the housing report recommendations can be found here.

Real Estate
January 21, 2018

Purple Passion: Ultra Violet Named 2018 Color of the Year

Purple lovers rejoice! Pantone has picked 18-3838 Ultra Violet as its 2018 color of the year.

According to an article by Joanne Friedrick at Home Furnishings News (HFN), the blue-based purple is described as “provocative, thoughtful and mystical” as well as “evocative of the night sky and the mysteries of the universe.”

“We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in a statement for HFN. “It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Ultra Violet.”

According to HFN, Pantone points to purple’s correlation to counterculture, unconventionality and artistic genius, evidenced in the likes of music greats Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, who donned shades of deep purple to express their individuality.

Real Estate
January 19, 2018

Housing Trends for 2018

Inventory constraints that have fueled a sharp rise in home prices and made it difficult for buyers to gain a foothold in the market will begin to ease in 2018 as part of broad and continued market improvements, according to the recently released® 2018 National Housing Forecast.

The easing of the inventory shortage, which is expected to result in more manageable increases in home prices and a modest acceleration of home sales, is being predicted based on developments first detected by® in late summer 2017.

The annual forecast, which is among the industry's bellwethers in tracking and analyzing major trends in the housing market, also foresees an increase in millennial mortgages and strong sales growth in Southern markets.

"[2018] will set the stage for a significant inflection point in the housing shortage," says Javier Vivas, director of economic research for®. "Inventory increases will be felt in higher priced segments after the spring home-buying season, which we expect to take hold and begin to provide relief for buyers and drive sales growth in 2019 and beyond."

Real Estate
January 18, 2018

Social Media: Best Times for Real Estate Professionals to Post

It may sound like an easy topic to address, but when you consider the growing number of platforms, real estate professionals need social strategies in place to capture their clientele. This starts with knowing your audience and knowing when they're active online.

As a real estate professional, it's important to be in tune with your community and your personal clientele via social media. Posting about local events and goings-on is one of the easiest ways to get social media engagement. But, there are some general social media facts to be aware of, like how 80 percent of the country's population live in the Central and Eastern time zones. Take timing into consideration when posting. Also, if your audience is older, you probably shouldn't post after 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., when most of your audience is already asleep.

With such a variety of social platforms now at your disposal, it can be dizzying trying to make sense of the best times to post. Here are some tips to follow for the most popular social media sites/apps:

Real Estate
January 5, 2018

2018 Forecast: Is Inventory Relief on the Way?

Ask the 60-some percent of brokers in RISMedia's 2017 Power Broker Survey: Almost every housing market is plagued by short supply. In fact, inventory nationally for pre-owned properties is at 3.9 months, down 10.4 percent from last year, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) recently reported.

The challenge, according to®, could moderate in the next year. Groundbreaking is projected to ramp up 3 percent, with single-family starts up 7 percent,'s 2018 National Housing Forecast reveals.

The catch? Activity won't kick up until later in the year, and many builds will be higher- and/or mid-priced—not an ideal scenario in the short term. Lower-priced homes, which were hit hardest in the recession, will be the last to recover.

"We are forecasting 2018 to set the stage for a significant inflection point in the housing shortage," says Javier Vivas, director of Economic Research for "Inventory increases will be felt in higher-priced segments after home-buying season [in the fall], which limits their impact on total sales of the year."

Why choose Lafayette Title?
Transfers of title can be complex. But the process for home buyers and sellers should feel seamless and simple. This is where Lafayette Title excels. Our seasoned staff doesn't just identify problems, we assist attorneys and real estate agents in actually solving them, ultimately delivering a better closing experience. That is our key difference.


"We have been using Lafayette's closing services for over 5 years and it's been amazing! We started when I became pregnant and my office couldn't handle the workload, and two kids later we are still using Lafayette for all of our closings. Wouldn't think about doing our closings any other way!"Real Estate Paralegal
"This is the best title company that my law firm has worked with, and Patty in their closing department is the greatest. She is the most efficient, attentive and accommodating processor. Would recommend her and Lafayette to any other real estate office."
Real Estate Paralegal
"Lafayette professionally handled all of my closing paperwork without a glitch. As a first time homebuyer, I felt very secure with my transaction. Even six months later when I had a question, they were there for me."
"Lafayette General Title Agency is chock full of diligent, hard-working people who actually care about exceeding your business expectations. Lafayette General is among the elite in the title and customer care industries, and it is a great pleasure working with the company."