Let’s face it, blogging for your real estate business is like another part-time job. It takes continued investment of time and creative energy. Is it worth the effort?

Blog readers value education. People who read blogs are generally looking for detailed information. They want in-depth explanations as well as niche neighborhood data. They want to understand as much of the process as they can before they contact an agent. If your blog provides that information, there’s a far greater chance you will be the one they contact when they are ready to act.

Blog readers are usually methodical and patient. Consistency is the key to successful blogging. As you write week after week, explaining terms and concepts, and sharing stories and tips, you can trust that your readers are taking it in and educating themselves — or even better, both.

Blog readers are usually already sold on you before you even meet them. They have been reading your content, watching your videos and absorbing your expertise for a few months, sometimes longer. Most often, you don’t have to do a song-and-dance presentation to win them over when you meet them the first time; they already consider you a local expert. They often even feel like they know you.

Blog readers want granular, nuanced information. They are looking for neighborhood information and expertise. They don’t take it for granted that just because agents market themselves as a neighborhood expert that they really are. Readers are looking for online proof. By providing information about all the aspects of living in a community, and by using local geo-tagged photos of the neighborhoods and the amenities, you will prove to be the neighborhood expert your readers are looking for.

Blog readers are Internet savvy. No surprise here, these readers are familiar with searching and reading blogs and websites. They appreciate a good web presence, so make sure that yours is the best it can be. It’s a good idea to check your links regularly to fix broken links and 404 errors.

“Again, the best thing about this kind of lead is that they know what they are looking for,” said Highland, “and if you’re the one to provide it, you’ll be the one they contact!”

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